Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Matchbox Civic Type-R

Civic Type-R from Matchbox. I think Matchbox really did a good job on this Civic. It come with three different colour. I just can't wait to get me one of these.

FRONT - black wrap around grille with white headlights and Honda badge, Type R logo license plate, white fog lights.

REAR - black wrap around rear strip with red/white lights and Honda badge, Type R logo license plate, black lower grille, silver exhaust pipes.

Nice rear wing


sutheshkumar said...

it havent arrived yet here?
I must get one of those too!!!!

benpaul said...

oh goody! i've been waiting for it to arrive to msia! hopefully soon, and i'll get it! i have waited too long to get 1 euro type R civic.