Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Konami Cars

The Toyota ist is a subcompact car sold in Japan by Toyota, exported to the United States as the Scion xA. Based on the first generation Toyota Vitz hatchback, it shared a platform with the Toyota Platz sedan. The xA is unrelated to the new Toyota Belta, sold in the United States as the Toyota Yaris. Toyota Ist has a also has a 1300cc engine version.Even with this 1300cc engine,Toyota Ist can get to a speed of 100 kph in short time and although its speedo metre says 180kph it actually goes around 230kph.Toyota ist is available in exclusive colours like black,silver,red,royal blue and pure white

My first Konami car is 1/57 scale Toyota Ist. I like it because it come with transparent front lights, sport rims detail front & rear Toyota logo, front grill, signal light and operable rear door.
Hope to get the other Honda Jazz from Konami too.

The real picture and information of Toyota ist is from wikipedia

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tomica Limited Super GT

The Super GT series, formerly known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship or JGTC (全日本GT選手権, Zen Nihon GT Sensyuken), is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association (GT-A). Though the JGTC was authorized by the Japan Automobile Federation and recognized by the FIA, the Super GT is authorized directly by FIA.

Tomica has did a great job on this Limited series of Japan Super GT car. It is very detail all round the car with micro stickers, wording, stripes, rear & front lights, rubber tire and sport rim too. Dislike - The door can not open.
This TL JGTC start from #0052 to #0072, total have 21 model that I know of. I only manage to get 11 out of 21 Super car. The cars no. are TL 0055, 0056, 0057, 0058, 0059, 0061, 0062, 0064, 0065, 0066. 0067.









The information of JGTC by the courtesy of Wikipedia.
Here is the three extra Super GT car I had. I only wish to exchange with other Super GT car that I do not have such as TL#0052, 0053, 0054, 0060, 0063, 0068, 0069, 0070, 0071 and 0072.
*By any chance you want to exchange, do drop me an e-mail ya.*

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomica #45, Mazda Cosmo Sport as a Ultraman movie car.

This my only car that relate to Ultraman my super hero. This #45 Mazda COSMO Sport is made by Tomica in a small little yellow & black box. Brought at Hong Kong back in 2005. It is very detail too. It has the logo on the front & a Cosmo word next to the left side front lamp, a Mazda word at the back of the car & not to mansion the MAT wording and the red stripes all over the car.

The first Mazda to bear the Cosmo name is 110S was first 2-rotor rotary engine powered series car. A prototype was introduced at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, and 80 pre-production Cosmos were produced for the Mazda test department (20) and for dealership testing (60) between 1965 and 1966. Full production began in May 1967 and lasted through 1972, though Cosmos were built by hand at a rate of only about one per day. The car was also featured in the show Return of Ultraman.

Ultraman's creator was Eiji Tsuburaya from Tsuburaya Productions, a pioneer in special effects who was responsible for bringing Godzilla to life in 1954. The show original run was at July 17, 1966 – April 9, 1967. I wasn't born yet .

Those swirling colors that opened the show and the weird music always got me excited as a kid. Ultraman was simply awesome, and although I have not seen the show in over thirty years I can hear him yelling "Hyata" and see the red dotted laser lines emanating from his crossed arms. That ever slowing flashing heart. When I was a kid last time, Ultraman teach me that evil and wrong are to be put down, even at the risk of personal sacrifice. "Hyata!"

The real picture and information of Mazda Cosmo Sport is courtesy of wikipedia,, and

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mickey & Mini Mouse

Finally I got my Mickey & Mini from the Yujin's capsule machine. It is a fun time hunt for such machine and get what I want. With the picture arrange from top to bottom, it look like a short Disney story. Hope you like it & enjoy it.

(try watch carefully on this picture, Mickey is about to touch Mini's hand)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Disney Cars Mascot From Yujin

The Stitch, Winnie Pooh, Tigger, Donald Duck and Black & White Mickey Mouse are all from Yujin's capsule machines. It took me quite a while to collect them all. Hope you all like it.

Today last item is the Tomica mini stamp from Yujin as well. It is a roller stamp inside the big wheel under the car or truck.