Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hallmark Keepsake 1989 Batmobile
This is another new in my Batmobile collection list
This was brought during my last visit to USA Nov 2014.
I brought it on my first day after check-in my hotel. I was so lucky to have a Hallmarks store within walking distance to my hotel. I got it for USD 17.95

 The box printing was very good. It has some short write up about the history of the Batmobile.

This Hallmark 1989 Batmobile is made with plastic, there is some detail front turbine, front & rear lights, Bat logo at the wheels and the finishing of the car is shining. The only downside for this Batmobile is the wheels. It is not rotatable.
 I actually remove the loop ring on top of the Batmobile so that it looks much better in my display case. If you are a hardcore 1989 Batmobile collector then this is must have item for you.

There is the button behind the cockpit to activate the Batmobile music soundtrack

Check out the short video clip for the 1989 Batmobile soundtrack