Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back To the Future Movie Revo Delorean by Kaiyodo

This item is a posable action figure from the Revoltech series. 16cm long. 
Kaiyodo goes "Back to the Future" for their next Revo vehicle--it's the legendary DeLorean that took Marty McFly back into time to change the world!  As seen in the second film, this sleek silver car is about 16cm long, and has been reproduced down to the smallest of details. The gullwing doors open and close, and the tires can be pulled out to reproduce the car's flight mode, and a special display base is included to keep it suspended in midair. Flame effect parts are also included!  If you are the true BTTF fans, you must have this iconic vehicle in your collection. 

Inside of the car doesn't have much detail. 

It does have some details but without any paint job internally of the Delorean.
There is the flux capacitor at the picture below.

The Flame effect parts do make this Delorean different from all other BTFF DeLorean I have.

With the posting pole. It does make this DeLorean fly.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

 Brazil Shell BATMAN Batmobile Collection

This Shell Batmobile are worth waiting for.
I got my set middle of 2015. I actually just wanted to get the 1989 Batmobile instate the whole set.
After that, I decided to get the whole set of this Shell BATMAN, Batmobile  Collection series.
This Batmobile made by plastic and four of them has their own special.

Batman Returns
(Pullback with pop-out)

Batman 1960's Classic 
(Pullback with LED lights)

Batman Forever
(Pullback with LED lights)

The Dark Knight
(Pull back that jumps)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hallmark Keepsake 1989 Batmobile
This is another new in my Batmobile collection list
This was brought during my last visit to USA Nov 2014.
I brought it on my first day after check-in my hotel. I was so lucky to have a Hallmarks store within walking distance to my hotel. I got it for USD 17.95

 The box printing was very good. It has some short write up about the history of the Batmobile.

This Hallmark 1989 Batmobile is made with plastic, there is some detail front turbine, front & rear lights, Bat logo at the wheels and the finishing of the car is shining. The only downside for this Batmobile is the wheels. It is not rotatable.
 I actually remove the loop ring on top of the Batmobile so that it looks much better in my display case. If you are a hardcore 1989 Batmobile collector then this is must have item for you.

There is the button behind the cockpit to activate the Batmobile music soundtrack

Check out the short video clip for the 1989 Batmobile soundtrack