Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Disney Collection from Tomica

This my collection of my Tomica Disney collection. I brought the Mickey and Mini Mouse figure separately. I started collecting Disney car because the Mickey Mouse Scooter. Because I just display only Mickey bike, so I start with Mini scooter then the rest of the cars,

The thing that I like about Mickey scooter is it's colour, His ear like side mirror, His glove seat, Mickey rear break light and Mickey shoe like front mud guard.(Mickey figure is not come with the scooter)

The Mini Mouse bike has the same feature in detail. (Mini figure is not come with the scooter)

This Honda car with Mickey mouse come in two colour, Red and Pink.

This is also a classic car, specially made for Mickey mouse. I like the Mickey logo on the front and the spare tire cover and the break light.

My wife like this Disney Stich looking car a lot it has the naughtiness of the character Stich. With Stich ear looking side mirror, tooth like front grill, Stich nose, eyes as the light of the car and an ice cream fall on the roof of the car. (like the move, the guy keep drop his ice cream when he meet Lilo)
Disney Pooh looking car has has the cute looking feeling and a bee on it.

Disney Tigger Bus, has a funny look. It has Tigger ears, eyes and nose look from the front.

The colour of Tigger stripe is very nice and TIGGER car plate behind the bus

Disney Donald Duck sport car has a duck look form the front of the car. Mickey logo is on the bonnet of the car too

The display case is from the new shop that sell all Japan stuff at The Curve(every thing is RM5). It has 5 different model of display case available for die-cast car.

Lastly I would to wish all of you die-cast car collector a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
See you all next year. (2009)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Coca Cola, Initial-D Set

This set of Coca Cola Initial-D die-cast collection set is specially made for Hong Kong market only. The car is made by TOMY before Takara take over. Coca Cola made the display base for the cars. The packaging print of this set is very interesting too.

Brought in at HK in 2005. This set has the highest collectible value compare to all my Initial collection.

Each side of the box printing is different form another box. It comes with a semi cover box show as below.

Once the cover is open, you will able to see the car inside.
Right side of the cover of each box show the car spec. and the driver.

On the left side of the cover, it shows the driver's face and the car they use and all the collection.

Bottom print of the box.

Here is all the car spec (in Chinese character) and the full body picture of the driver and car.

Here is the Driver face & car that they use.

The Tomica Initial-D car is a normal car set with medium detail on the cars.


Nissan Sileighty RPS13





Front view of all six of the box.

Left side of all the six box, will form the Initial-D logo.

Right side of all the six box, will form the Coca Cola logo.

Brought in at HK in 2005. This set has the highest collectible value compare to all my Initial collection.