Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trailer Set Has Slow Down

The Majorette trailer set has no new model lately. This is my latest set, which is the F1 Tow Truck set. The truck is a FORD Transit van converted to a tow truck. The tow thingy is just a simple clip on to the back of the Ford Transit trailer hook. The F1 front wheel can be hook up on the wheel holder.

This is two difference set of Dump Truck set. The first set is come with 4 recycle container, and the second set is come with two garbage container.

This I believe is the new type of trailer set the majorette trailer has to offer. It come with a small tuck head, because it must be a higher scale then 1:64. I am still like it, because I only need to pay for half of the price for the bigger trailer set in order to have this nice speed boat.

Over here is the Majorette construction vehicle call the Extractor. The first truck is the V shape tanker. The second truck is with the super long dump container and it is fully metal.

Some thing interesting that I notice on this truck head. It is the original die cast molding is actually made in France and it was move to China.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nelson & Stanley's Cars Collection

Both my brothers do collect some die cast car, on top of the others action figure which they had collected much earlier during their teens.

I believe some of you are Tomica collector may find some of the car that you want in some of their collection.

My young brother Nelson has did some of his DIY thingy on two of cars. It was his red Toyota Passo and the yellow Mazda, both the car. Check it out, I think, he did a good job as a beginner

This HW Stock car was from USA. It is so detail and check out the way their pack this car, it is first class and it come with a 90 days limited warranty. But only valid in USA :(

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shell Ferrari Promotion at 1 Borneo Sabah

This is some of picture taken during my visit to Shell Ferrari model car promotion, at 1 Borneo Sabah. It was a great promo event Shell has done that. In this Shell Ferrari model car promo, there has set up counter for:
1. Promote the new Ferrari models car with the touch steering function and the display garage.
2. Shell HELIX Motor Oils promotion. With purchase of 4L Shell Helix Ultra or HX7 / HX7 Diesel add RM 6.90 OR get a 3L/4L Shell Helix HX5 add 8.90. You will get two Ferrari and a display case for the Yellow Ferrari 599 GTB and a Ferrari 430 Scuderia
3. Bonus Link services center
4. Nintendo Wii Bowling games
and others.
The event opening started with some models did a cat walk out from back stage like a fashion show. But the high light was on the Ferrari model car hold by the models, at the end of the cat walk section the Shell Timur Sdn. Bhd. regional retail manager. Mr Choe Foo Lung came out together with the other models to complete display of all the 7 Ferrari model cars.
Mr Choe also give an opening speech on the third Shell Ferarri model car promotion.

The Shell Timur Sdn. Bhd. also supporting one of the Bukit Harapan Shelter Home at KK. Picture below is some of the children taking picture with Mr Choe

After the event ended I was introduce to Mr Choe by Ms Liana from Ogilvy. We did have a nice chat over the Ferrari car set that I had been collecting since 2007 and as a token of appreciation Mr Choe bless me with the complete 7 Shell Ferrari car set plus the display garage and the single display case for the Yellow Ferrari 599 GTB, a Shell Ferrari play set and a Shell T-shirt.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shell Ferrari event at 1 Borneo

Just have the latest new that Shell Wave 2 Launch is at the Centre Atrium, 1 Borneo. Start at 1:30pm to 2:45 pm. This is conjunction with Formula ! and the launch the Enzo and F2008 Ferrari model cars.
Since I am at Kota Kinabalu during this weekend I will drop by and have a look and joint in for the fun of it. See you all at 1B tomorrow.