Friday, January 23, 2009

Batman with his Moster Jam Truck

Cute Batman and his cute Monster Jam Bat Truck.I find it is so match, when I found this cute Batman figure at a hand phone accessory shop. (at Labuan)
I also wanted to taking this opportunity to wish all of you, a Great Chinese New Year. Thanks for visiting my Blog.
Be extra careful while driving don't over eat, and remember to visit some local toy store, ya.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tomb Raider, Lara's Defender

Defender is Star Vehicle of Movie 'Tomb Raider,'
Lara Croft's V8 Defender is based on a high-capacity pickup version of the Defender 110 - that has been specially modified by Land Rover Special Vehicles in conjunction with Paramount Pictures. Bonatti Gray in color with aluminum tread plates and bumpers, this unique, open-top Defender is fitted with a "Heritage"-type grille and four Safari driving lights mounted on the front of the roof rack. Extra accessories to aid Lara in her adventures include an expedition tool kit, fender-mounted shovel and axe, winches at the front, rear and sides, a dash-mounted notebook computer, a GPS navigation system, a GSM telephone and emergency kill buttons.

The Defender is not the only Land Rover vehicle featured in the movie. "Tomb Raider" and Land Rover fans will see the complete Land Rover product lineup, which includes the Discovery Series II, Range Rover and upcoming Freelander models. The Range Rover plays a supporting role as the vehicle driven by Lara's wealthy arch-enemy Powell. The Discoverys are driven by Powell's evil henchmen.

This a replica of the real Lara Croft's V8 Defender.
It is made by Racing Champions, 1/64 scale Land Rover Defender. It looks very detail compare with the real Defender. Brought it in USA, at one of the TRU in LA. Got information from another toy store at the state, that this Defender is very limited even in the USA.
Still can do some piant touch up on the front bumper spot light, so that it looks even better.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The World Of Cars By Disney PIXAR

Disney Movie The Cars. I only manage to collect this much of Lightning Mc Queen. My first Mc Queen I found it at TRU Penang end of 2007, the others I found it all at PJ area. I actually not really want to start to collect this Cars series until very late. (mid of 2008)
I still have not open any one of it yet for display, all is still seating at my box.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Initial-D in Choro-Qs Collection Box Set

Grab these four hot "Initial D" Choro-Qs, all in one box! The last Battle of Saitama! You can recreate the road-racing action with these pull-back motored wonders, complete with manga-style sound effects placards!

If interested please check out this link

I only have this Choro-Qs Black Top Toyota AE-86. Really hope the box set will not be too expensive by the time it's reach Malaysia

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tomica 2005 New Year Car Set

This 2005 Tomica New Year car set is the cute set of cars that I had. I brought this set back in 2006 at Singapore. I brought it for $ 10 SGD before tax at one of the mall. (about RM25)
It come with a special hexagon box, all the six Nissan March are different in colour and come with the number 2005 with a bird mark behind the car. The Nissan March is a normal Tomica cars and with an open rear boot.

The six different colour of the car is : lemon yellow, apple green, metallic green, light purple, white and metallic orange colour.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Majorette Trailer Set

My latest collection on the MAJORETTE Trailer set.

This set is a JEEP and a trailer with container, with an open side door. The top body and the bottom of this JEEP is made of metal and it's has suspension too.(like the Tomica HumVee)

This truck come a horse trailer behind. The white horse can be remove from it trailer.

This a Toyota RAV4 with a go-cart trailer.

This set is also a Toyota RAV4 with a inflatable boat and a different trailer compare with the others.

This RENAULT Kangoo as a Fire Department car with a water tanker trailer.
The special about on this set is not on the trailer. But is on the Renault Kangoo metal side side door which can be slide open. (it is very difficult to slide it open for the first time)
On the top of the picture is the latest BUS set from Majorette. The bottom half of the bus is metal and the top half of the bus is made of plastic
This a bigger MAJORETTE trailer set it is double of it's price compare with the smaller trailer set. I get this set because it is my first die-cast truck that I like when I was very young.(7 years old) The Helicopter is already selling during 1979, when I first saw it at one of the toy store at KL. That means the 30 year old molding cast is still in use for production nowadays.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Replica Bicycle Collection

This PINK GT BMX is one of my earlier collection way before I started collecting 1/64 scale cars. (early 1990's) The price tag still on it. Somewhere in year 2000 I found the second mountain bike.
The bikes can steer, the paddles and the wheels can row too. The size is about 3", just the same size as our 1/64 scale cars.

Somewhere in year 2000 I found my second bike which is a Montana mountain bike. It is part die-cast part plastic. You can see the price has so much in difference even with the same brand. (City Cycles 1/20 scale)

Motor Max manufactures die cast and plastic replicas of various kinds of vehicles including cars, planes and motorcycles. Our car replicas are made in various scales ranging from 1:64 up to 1:12. Motor Max products are manufactured in their own factories in China and exported to worldwide. It does have a sale office at HK and USA.

The last bicycle is found at Thailand MBK mall, in a very old hobby shop. (2007)
This is the last piece of it's kind. This is the most detail 1/20 bicycle I ever seen.

This older generation bike in Japan. Never see any of this type of bike in Malaysia before. It seem like can change gear, come with a bicycle pump, a dynamo for to the lights and a set of front & back carrier too.
It come with a bike display stand, metal wheels, chain and crank, high detail on all the accessory on the bike and printed words n bike and tyres too.