Friday, December 5, 2008

Matchbox London Bus

The mystery of different weight between the MB RED & GOLD London double decker bus. Some die-cast collector says the Red Matchbox double decker Bus is heavy than the gold colour. So make me so want to test up both the bus just to proof the say was correct.

This Red colour London double decker bus was limited on the market now. Mine was brought I think is in 2005.

The Gold London double decker bus was brought sometime in the mid of 2007.

So which bus is heaver? The RED bus or the Gold bus? Just manage to have this digital weighting machine in my kitchen.

After weighing both the MB bus both end up the same weight, 65 gram. On the other hand I do found a different brand double decker bus made by AULDEY die cast, which I just found it. This bus was made in China, 2004.

This bus even have an open roof top, so it should have lesser metal (lighter). But...

By feeling on my hand I already can feel the AULDEY bus is heavier then the MB Bus. The result is the AULDEY Dream Land bus is the heaviest double decker bus heavier by 9 gram

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