Friday, April 30, 2010

MAIZE on Batmobile Thumbler

My latest Batmobile collection, Thumbler in 1/43 scale by MAIZE.
This Thumbler come with a Batman figure & the printing on the box is also very nice.
It is the most detail Thumbler I ever own. I normally do not collect 1/43 scale die-cast, unless it is related to Batmobile or some other movie cars.

I got this Thumbler on my last visit to Singapore, two Sunday ago. I can't let go this Thumbler, the moment I got it on my hand. It is the last set on one of the hobby shop in Singapore.
The feature this Thumbler was:
1, Bright LED spotlights (8 pcs)
2, Independent front suspension
3, Movable front steering mechanism
4, Independent rear suspension
5, Detail paint job on the copper colour section
6, detail antenna that stick out from the rear wing / Spoiler
7, Detail Batman figure

The light was switch on the picture below.

The front & rear suspension demo picture on this Thumbler by Maize

This is another Batmobile box set by Hotwheels, that come with Bat-Pod & Thumbler (1/50 scale)
The Bat-pod is very detail with special gold colour paint job with Batman figure too.
The Thumbler that come with this set was the same Thumbler from the Batmobile series 1 collection set.