Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CIVIC SI - 1999

This another brand of Die-cast, Modifiers. It was brought in by TRU, by the time I brought it is sometime in 2003. This the most user adjustable suspension and replaceable modify parts in this small little 1/64 scale die-cast car.
It's come with :
1, Two set of wind screen (blue & clear + tinted)
2, Two set of springs hard (gold colour) and soft (silver colour)
3, Two set of seat black is normal seat and white is bucket seat
4, Two set of bonnet with different design
5, Two set screws

I did try to look for information on the website but no longer available. Can see this toy is Import by TRU Subang Parade, still at LG. Now I think it is at 3 or 4 floor.

It does have a lot of approved license by car manufacture and after market modifying parts company.

Here is the picture, when it is completely disassemble. Description from left to right: lower chassis, screw driver, wheels and suspension arm, 4 pcs of spring, engine block, anti flex bar, interior of the car, car seat, dashboard, car wind screen, back view mirror, screws, body kit and bonnet. The extra parts is in the plastic case behind.

This is partially assemble.
This is the Civic SI is full reassemble with the replaceable parts.


benpaul said...

ooooo... looks so cool! how much does it cost for 1 set?

Melvin said...

I can't actually remenber how much. May be about RM 25. But I glad I brought it at that time, now company also don't exist any more.