Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fast Lane GTR

Just found out Fast lane also made Nissan GTR. I found it at TRU yesterday. To my supprise, it actually did make a good job.
At the front and rear, it's has this Nissan logo as it's car plate.

New detail on the wheels, which has the wheel nut now.

The rear brake light is detail, GTR logo is visible too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Build Your Own McLaren F1

Today I stumble into Borders Book store just now and my eyes can not stop looking at this build your own 1:8 scale(594mm) McLaren first promo pack selling at RM 9.90. I'm so attracted by it's colours and size.(bigger than A3 paper size)

I did not notice it is made by Kyosho. (check out the logo in the red circle)

The first issue come with parts for the front wing of the F1. It is total 10 issue to built this 1:8 scale McLaren F1 and I'm now 1 down & 9 more to go.

The Good news is, if I subscribe the whole set at once. I will get:-

1, Free McLaren Team Cap (with my first deliver)

2, Magazine Binder (with my second delivery)

3, 1/4 scale MP4-23 F1 Steering Wheel (with my third delivery)

For more info please log on to

The authentic McLaren MP4-23

- Official static replica authorised by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

- Lewis Hamilton's 2008 world championship winning car

- Moulded plastic, metal and carbon fibre effect components

- Step-by-step assembly instructions

This McLaren MP4-23 has a detail cockpit includes a miniature steering wheel with all the colour-coded controls.

Real rubber tyres fitted with wheels and aerodynamic wheel covers.

It also has accurate technical detail includes internal parts, such as the hydraulics control and suspension elements.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lightning McQueen

The Takara Tomy did make the Lightning Mc Queen back in 2006, but sad to say it didn't manage to make it to our boleh land.
The size is smaller compare to the HW version(normal Tomica size).
The paint job and decal was made. Detail area - Lightyear tire, red wheels, eyes and McQueen mouth.

Finally some picture of McQueen and his Piston cup. The piston cup does not come with the car. (it is made by Yujin)

Here are other Tomica made Lightning Mc Queen. It is made of plastic but with a dancing mode response to sound.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movie Car is back to action.

This is my latest collection from movies car series that I like so much. The De Lorean Back To The Future, The Ride. It is the special Tomica made for the Universal Studio Japan, the BTTF motion picture ride.

I got it new from HK. This is my first time taking it out from the box.

It has a nice front light detail.

It has it's internal detail.

This second BTTF is made by Hot Wheels. It has two different card printout. One is with the BTTF logo on top of the HW logo, and the other don't.

It has the same detail as the normal De Lorean, but this has the extra side wire detail add into it.

The rear is very well made and detail

The interior is also got it's detail too.

Now I get the two De Lorean made by the two die-cast big brothers, Hot Wheels & Tomica.

The front Tomica has it lights (1), and HW got the DMC logo (1).

The rear view Tomica so so only (0), HW got the looks right (1)

The top rear view, Tomica has the side mirror & extra detail on top the roof (1),

HW not much detail at this view (0)

The rear side view Tomica wheels look ugly (0)

HW got very real wheel looks (1)

Tomica rear engine side is normal (0),

HW has it's car frame separated from it engine (1)

Tomica got the glass colour correct (1),

HW didn't change it from the normal DeLoean (0)

The direct rear view. Tomica looks out bad (0),

HW got the OUTATIME car plate and the DE LOREAN word printed on the rear bumper (1)

Lastly the front top view, Tomica go the dashboard right (1),

HW has it's in grey?? (0)

On the final score Tomica (4) and HW (5)

Overall Hot Wheels got better detail then Tomica

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daiso Display Case

Here are the latest bigger display case that is new. And it is only available in selective Daiso out let. I got mind at the 1U Daiso.
It do come it a few size and design and the price for this bigger size case is in between RM10 to RM20.

Stay tune. I will up date my blog with my new collection soon.