Monday, March 30, 2009

Shell Ferrari event at Pavillion

Some news from SHELL.... there will be a special event on Thursday 2nd April 2009, at Pavilion KL from 10am to 11pm. It's a carnival/roadshow in
conjunction with the Shell Ferrari 2009 model car campaign, where you can
come bask in the Ferrari F1 fever happening all that week.

Especially for Ferrari freaks! Shell is bringing in a Ferrari on display,
but better still..... there will be special VIP appearances between 11am -
12noon.... by none other than Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa themselves!
They will be making a short stop at this event... so if you're a Ferrari F1
team fan, come and try to catch a glimpse of your favorite drivers this coming
Thursday! They don't have much time due to a tight schedule, but as they
are there for a special media event, they should be making a short pit stop
at this carnival site, so get your cameras ready!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


History of NASCAR
In the years immediately following World War II, stock-car racing was experiencing the greatest popularity it had ever seen. Tracks throughout the country were drawing more drivers, and bigger crowds.

Nonetheless, there was a serious lack of organization. From track to track, rules were different. Some tracks were just makeshift facilities, built to produce one big show at a county fair or something similar to capitalize on the crowds flocking to the events. Other tracks were more suited to handle the cars, but not the crowds. Some could manage both, but did little to adhere to rules set by other tracks.

In December 1947, Bill France Sr., of Daytona Beach, Fla., organized a meeting at the Streamline Hotel across the street from the Atlantic Ocean to discuss the problems facing stock-car racing.
France had come to Florida from Washington, D.C., years earlier. He operated a local service station and also promoted races on the city's famed beach-road courses, often racing himself. He was a man of strong will -- and ambition. Thus, by the time that meeting at the Streamline Hotel was complete, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing was born. Few knew when the meeting adjourned if the organization would be successful. In fact, there were skeptics who believed it never would work.

Not even France, who believed a sanctioning body was exactly what the sport of stock-car racing needed, could have envisioned what NASCAR has become today.
Among all the NASCAR driver, my favourite is Jeff Gordon Race car No 24

Driver Details
Sponsor : DuPont
Manufacturer : Chevrolet
Car Owner : Rick Hendrick
Team : Hendrick Motorsports
Crew Chief : Steve Letarte

2009 Official Driver Standings: Kobalt Tools 500, He is now rank No. 1 with 634 point over 64 other driver. He is so popular, where he also involve in the movie title as: Looney Tunes: Back in Action, back in 2003. The main actor are Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman.

I personally like the colour selection and the design of the car and the crew uniform. The striking florescent yellow no. 24 is his number to look for. You surely can't miss him on the track.

This Jeff testing the new car.

This my first Jeff's car collection. Brought a the Wal Mart in Utah USA, back in 2004, for USD 4.99.
It is made by Winners Circle for NASCAR fans. Title is Decade of Champion, 2001 Champion. The card is printed on the rainbow reflecting sheet and a 3D effect given by the clear plastic cover to make the trophy look more real.
The Car is a non-metal car. But the detail is just as good as the metal casted car.

This 1/64 scale #24 DuPont parts van. I brought it at Brunei, half way around the world from the state. I found it in one of this very old toy store, selling all kind of toy include some die cast cars. I pay for 2 Brunei dollars for it in 2005.
Finding the truck is a very nice experience as a toy car hunter.

Sad to say, the NASCAR die cast car wasn't popular as the other race car such as F1, Rally, JGTC in Malaysia.
I like collect the NASCAR cars, because it is one of the most detail die cast you can find. Some of the car come with open front hood, rubber tire with printed words on it, and very high detail on the exterior and interior as well. I be back for more of my Stock Car collection.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ferrari F1 (F2008 Vs F2005)

Finally I got my 2009 Ferrari F1, model F2008 this morning and the garage. This F1 have only the pull back go forward function it do not have the steer left & right function like the others Ferrari cars. The picture of the box also speak for itself. (do not have the direction button)

The new F1(F2008) have different detail compare the older F1(F2005)
- more printing on the car. (include the back of the rear wing)
- printed Bridgestone Potenza wording on tire.
- black new rim.
- different front & rear tire
- got driver.
- better build to cover up the rear pull back mechanical gear box and front shaft
(see the top view picture)

More 2009 Shell Ferrari cars and garage review coming up soon....

Friday, March 13, 2009


Riding on the success of the first two Shell-Ferrari model car campaigns of 2007 & 2008, Shell is embarking on their third campaign this year, which aims to reinforce the Shell-Ferrari partnership to the Malaysian public. That is why Shell Malaysia are bringing in more cars this year, over 3.2 million of them.

The five Shell-Ferrari model cars available in the latest Shell-Ferrari collection are the 430 Scuderia, FXX Evoluzione, 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti and the 360 GTC.

The model cars in this collection can be purchased from today by fuelling up at any Shell station nationwide with a minimum RM40 spend on Shell V-Power Racing, Shell Super, Shell Regular or Shell Diesel. Those who fill up with Shell V-Power Racing can purchase the model cars at a special price of RM6.90 each, whilst filling up with Shell Super, Shell Regular or Shell Diesel will allow you to attain it at only RM8.90.
Customers can also attain two Shell-Ferrari model cars with the purchase of Shell Helix Lubricants at any Shell Station nationwide. The two model cars are the yellow Ferrari 599 GTB model car with dynamic engine sound, which is only available exclusively with the purchase of Shell lubricants, and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia model car with Touch Steering. You will be able to attain these model cars at a special price of RM6.90 if you purchase Shell Helix Ultra HX7 or HX7 Diesel (4L), and RM8.90 with the purchase of Shell Helix HX5 (3 or 4L).
The Touch Steering function in these latest model cars puts the power and performance in your hands with an added feeling of responsiveness, similar to when you’re fuelling up with Shell V-Power Racing.
I find this third series of Ferrari cars, is really target to those who appreciate the feel of directing the Ferrari cars from the starting line to the finish line. By programing the car before you put the car down. The program can be reset by switch off the car. (This car are not a toy)

This are the Ferrari that I had collected so far. I am looking forward to get my hand on the F1 car.
The New Packing has improve from the 2008 series. It is easier to remove the car out from the box.

The different between the second and third series Ferrari FXX is :-
- Rim colour
- The rear wing
- The side mirror
- White colour stripes
- Red colour of both the FXX
I will keep up date with the other Ferrari model soon. (once I have it all)