Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tomica Limted Batmobile Collection

Tomica finally got to made there own Batmobile.
This is there first version of Batmobile collection under Tomica Limited series, but the scale unknow.
(no scale indicator)

This there bigger box that have 10 small boxes in it.

 This is how it looks like, once it is open.
It come with high detail and paint work. rubber tyre, suspension.

 Rubber tyre can be remove too.

here are the picture of the suspension works.
Only one part I find Tomica can improve this part. The steel colour of the front wheel shaft is ugly. So I try to cover it with CD maker and paint it on top
 This 2nd Batmobile need some assembly

This 3rd Batmobile also need some assembly

This Batmobile has the Bat logo tyre trade.