Thursday, December 23, 2010

My latest Batmoblie

I only manage to find a BatBlade and Thumbler. I really hope to get the Batman Forever and the Batman & Robin ver. of Batmobile soon.
Actually I was thinking to open up and take better picture. What do you think?

Here are the side by side compare of the difference of the two Thumbler.

This cute ver. of 1989 Batmobile is made of plastic, with a pull back go forward function and a magnet under the car. So that it can stick on a metal can and go round and round.
It is come with 10different model of Batmobile and Batboat and it is only made special for Japan market only.

This last item I would like to share is a 3D sticker. You can find it at the hyper market with a T, and try find it at the car & accessory department.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Disney TRON Legacy.

Finally I got my hands on the TRON die-cast model at Singapore.
It has total 7 model for to complete the this series of collection. The do have others bigger scale Tron Light Cycle and action figure on Tron, But I only got this small scale die cast model. If they ever come out any smaller series, I will sure get them all too.
I will try to open up all of this TRON collection soon for better review on it.
All this Disney products has no ME certify yet and not sure it will make it into Malaysia soon. But the movie has already on at cinema near you. I hope to watch it by this week.
Sam's and Clu Sentry's Light Cycle has better detail at the see through
engine section compare to the other two light cycles

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My visit at STGCC Singapore.

Prototype Iron Man Mark IV

Very Limited Gray ver. Iron Man

Custom Made Iron Man

Special Face mask for Iron Man Mark III

2.5 Feet Batman

Custom Made Paper Bag for Iron Man figure by Hot Toys

War Machine Costume

Real Size R2D2

Toy Store Booth

During the visit I did get myself some toys too. (TRON, Tomica & others.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Intial-D Limited Stage

This Tomy Limited was my best hunt in Hong Kong back in 2005.
I believe it was the first set that make it into Malaysia. I did get a few set back with me too. But all of them had been sell to some local hobby shop.
Now I only left two set, one set is complete and the other is incomplete set. The incomplete set was really my mistake, while buying it. I did not check carefully , which I short of the Toyota AE85. But the good news is I got two AE86. Hope you enjoy the picture & the usual detail of Tomy TL cars.