Wednesday, July 21, 2010

THE KNIGHT BUS from the movie Harry Potter

The Knight Bus from Harry Potter.
This Knight Bus was use to pick up stranded witch or wizard and taken on an exciting journey through London to the Leaky Cauldron.

This Knight Bus is made by Corgi, about 1/72 scale.
Detail paint job, rubber tire, detail interior too. (check out the picture below)

Picture below show the chandelier light in the middle of the Knight Bus.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kyosho Mini-Z, Initial D car collection

I got this Kyosho 1/24 Mini-Z, Initial-D Toyota Trueno AE86 (white top) back in 2002. The car build up is very detail. It looks even better when you put on the lighting set & drive it on the Mini-Z track.
Still remember I was playing it at this Mini-Z shop at Subang Jaya. They have the mini-Z track custom made it with a small hill with a few hair pin corner. Back then we even race it with the shop light off to make it more real feel. This car is very nice to look at but I even nicer to drive one and it is more affordable then the real Toyota AE86.

This actual packing for this Kyosho first version of this Initial-D AE86 car do not come with any display case. But it come with a very nice packing box.
The picture below is self made sticker to keep my AE 86 safe & nice to look at & for keeping.
This next picture shows the second version of Kyosho, Initial-D AE 86 (black top version)

On my recent collection for the Initial-D cars, I manage to get the Toyota AE 86(main car), Mazda RX-7 FC3S and the Mazda RX7 FD3S.
The picture below will show the differences between a Tomica 1/64 scale and Kyosho 1/24 scale
Toyota AE 86:
Kyosho front light is selectable (open or close), side mirror
Tomica side door can be open.

Mazda RX-7 FC3S:
Kyosho front light is selectable (open or close), rear wing
Tomica side door can be open.

Mazda RX-7 FD3S:
Kyosho front light is selectable (open or close), side mirror
Tomica side door can be open.

Friday, July 16, 2010

HW Batman Series 3 Set

I really hope to get this two other Batman series 3 set.
The 1966 The Penguin Batmobile. It is specially made follow the movie, as The Penguin had his hands on the Batmobile.
The difference with the normal 1966 Batmobile :
1, Orange umbrella car roof
2, Orange umbrella on bonnet
3, Penguin logo on the both side the door of Batmobile

The only left behind from the Batmobile series 3 is this Batboat from the Batman movie "Batman Return". It's come with a open cock pit cover.

Special thanks to Pat, for borrow this two Batmobile & Batboat to put up on my blog

Friday, July 9, 2010

Limited Initial-D AE 86 from Tomy.

Latest member to my die-cast Initial-D family, Sprinter Trueno AE86 collection.
It is a not for sell item, made by Tomy Takara. It is specially made for the movie Initial-D acted by Jay Chou.
So what is different for this AE86 compare with the AE86 that come with the Book set?
1, It is more detail. (front & rear car plate, and rear signal light)
2, It come with Jay Chou and the real AE86 print at the side of the box.
3, It come with the stainless steel car name plate.

Some say this car is a gift, for the first premier screening for the Initial-D movie at HK.
Some say it is come with the DVD promo pack of this Initial-D.(only in HK)
I not sure which is true. The main thing is I'm glad to have it, on my movie car collection.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Some new Tomica Long version die-cast

Got this two long Tomica's for almost two month now, from SG. I didn't see any of this cars sell over here.
It seem like the new Tomica line of cars may not be available in Malaysia for a while. Until the local distributor can get Tomica line of products to get the CE approve there products.
This Bucket Wheel Excavator - short form is BWC must be very big. It takes 350 to this Tomica size about 4" inch.
This Tomica BWC is made in Vietnam has 5 movable parts.
1, rotatable Bucket wheel.
2, elevated bucket wheel
3, swingable tail feeder
4, turnable head from the wheels,
5, movable belted wheels
Real fact of this (BWC) - Theoretical Capacity 3200m3/hr, Walking Speed 1.9-7.3m/min, Digging Parameters -0.6-14.0m/min. Bucket number/capacity 12 buckets @ 0.7m3 each

This picture is the real BWC . If you can see the vehicle operator control room is at the top of this BWC. I think it should be about 60 feet tall. (like you are driving a 5 story building around)

The following computer generated image show what does this big thing do in real life.

This another Tomica Long version series as a Locomotive type Bus Seishungo.
This bus is very heavy, due to the die-cast metal for the locomotive truck head & it's trailer use as a bus in some theme park in Japan and it is made in Vietnam.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Micro Initial-D

I got this Micro Initial-D car set from a local key chain stall.
Seriously it is very detail for it's size. I have no idea what scale should I put is at. (may be is 1/192)
It is made by plastic material, none moveable parts on such a small car. It does come with a key chain holder which I remove it earlier.
I think it should have 4 model only, because I did see any other model available there at the stall. Hope you find it cute too.

How small actually is this micro AE86 is. This picture below does show how small is this micro cars is. Now this picture also make my 1/64 scale Tomica AE86 look big ya.
From the picture I guess it should be 3 times smaller the a 1/64 scale Tomica AE86. That is why I think it should be 1/192 scale.