Monday, August 25, 2008

My first page of my blog.

I had visited a few toy car collector blog and find is about time to share my collection and hopefully can make more friend with the same hobby. Is vary happy to see a father bringing his 7 years old son to a Tomica shop at KL and buy him the TL Evo X for his son because the son got the info from one of our local blog.

Can see this hobby is growing in Malaysia. I believe this hobby have it's boom partly because of the flea market at Amcorp mall started sometime in 2003 if I'm not wrong.

Bottom line is the hobby is growing, more and more people start to appreciate 1/64 scale toy car or others scale as well.

I started this hobby since 2001 three month before 911 happen. It was my first trip to USA for factory training at San Francisco & CA. My first model I brought is the DeLorean from the movie Back To The Future at Planet Hollywood Universal studio.

Since then, I been collecting mostly 1/64 scale die cast car. Tomica is the type of car I start to buying in Malaysia and some HW from Amcrop mall.

I went back to USA again in 2004. Tand this time I brought back about 65 pcs (USA local brand cars) of cars back for my collection. I've been collecting cars in and out of Malaysia whenever I got chance to go oversea. Now I think of it, I have about 1500 pcs of cars in my colection.