Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Collected Cars & Trucks

My last minute shopping on die cast cars before I come back to KL.
I found 1974 Volkswagen Type 181 Thing, Dodge Viper, Quarry King and Dirt Hauler. This two out of six in my wanted list for Matchbox car. I will open all the car soon after I get my new display case.

This HW Designers Challenge series car also in my list to pair up with my Black Double Shotz.
The Classic packaging for HW 40 years anniversary. The car is rebuilt according the most demand car for HW for the pass 40 years. It come with two type of design on it's card. The car is heavy as specially the DD, metal body and lower chassis

The HW Ferrari sticker series which did not reach into Malaysia market. The 599 GTB Fiorano, F430, 575 GTC is found in Singapore 711, for $3.50 SGD with T&C.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Batman movie DARK KNIGHT Batcycle has just add in to my Batmobile collection.

The Bat Pod came in a set of two with the Joker robbery truck and a car launcher thing at the center. The other set are Batmobile (Tumbler) and Harvey Dent's car.

The Bat Pod, I believe it is a 1:50 scale and it didn't come with a rider figure. If the Bat-Pod without a rider it looks like kind of insect with wheels.

After sceaching my Batmobile collection and found an earlier Hot Wheel Batcycle has a rider and try to put him on the new Bat-Pod.

This is how it looks like when it is on the new bike. The rider scale is too small to fit in the new bike.
Hot Wheel did a good job on the Bat-Pod even it looks like the Bat-Pod on it movie poster.

This the real thing for the DARK KNIGHT movie. It looks almost a like as HW Bat-Pod
Hot Wheel did a good job on the Bat-Pod even it looks like the Bat-Pod on it movie poster.

This Bat-Pod have to put side by side with the Batmobile (Tumbler) than it look complete.

This Batmobile has been in the BATMAN BEGINS, the size is the 1/50 scale from Hot Wheel.

Joker truck is also looks nice with accessable rear door. Down side is the truck body is made by plastic.
Hervey Dent's car is the most normal among the release of the Dark Knight car series.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Eye's catching cars from Greenlight. I hope to get this two cars, if I can. Is a new player in Die cast industries.

GreenLight Collectibles is a manufacturer and marketer of officially licensed, authentic die cast toy replica vehicles. GreenLight produces 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64 scale cars.

Muscle Machines SS Tuner & Import Tunes

This set of Muscle Machines cars was my favourite set of car. This MM cars is very detail in 1/64 scale range. The size of this 1/64 scale is between Tomica and Jada scale, so it is OK.

Brought it at : USA Target super market.
Price : $3 - $4 USD.
Date : June 2004

The detail of this brand of car is on it's

Body of the car - Racing stripes, printed front & back light, turbo intercooler for some model, different sport rims & disc break for different car with wide rubber tires, open & close hood with chrome detail engine.

Under the car - painted axle & exhaust from front engine to back of the car.

Interior of the car - racing seat & belt, rear speaker & NOS tank, Gear knob.

Sad to say this type cars didn't made it to Malaysia. If you find any of this MM car do let me know ya.

Muscle Machines SS Tuner

Muscle Machines SS Tuner & Import Tunes

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tomical Limited

Finally my Civic type-R has arrive into my display rack. The car has been detailed at it front light, side signal light, rims, rubber tyres, inside seat is red & black colour.(if you can see from the picture above)

Here is the compare of two normal Tomica & Tomica Limited version of Civic Type-R side by Side.
Under the hood the engine also more detail with the word Type-R printed on the engine block.

The rear detail area is the rear light, rear door Type-R wording and Exhaust.