Saturday, September 22, 2012

THE BAT from Hot Wheels 1:50 Scale

The Dark Knight new ride THE BAT is here.
The latest addition to Batman’s fleet of vehicles is The Bat.
The Bat is an urban airborne vehicle—part helicopter, part jump jet—designed by Nolan and Nathan

I kind of sad when the new series Batmobile & Bat pricing in Malaysia has been increase by double or more.
That's why I prefer to get it from ebay, and the cost is half of it when its reach here by my door step. Hope Mattel Malaysia should revise there price for this. I think a lot of our local collector was effected because of it's new pricing standard.
My first view on this BAT was kind of interesting piece of flying machine. I actually can't wait for it's to reach Malaysia. Picture below will show this new Bat in all direction. This Bat only come with black, a stand just like the Batwing.

Above picture show almost the actual size compare between the Thumbler & The BAT
(If i'm not wrong the smaller Thumbler is from Toppers)

This side of the BAT looks like a turtle shape 

Here are some out look comparison between the Batman flying machine.

Both the Batwing and The BAT actually didn't made it back to Bat cave.
Both Batman fly ride have the same faith.

 Batwing got the speed and style
The BAT has the maneuverability and more fire power

Batwing stand has the classic look.
The BAT stand has the high tech complicated look.