Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Micro Scooter For Mickey & Mini Mouse

Just got this at the one of the Yujin's capsule machines. The scooter is so tiny and detail as my 1/64 Tomica scooter. The only the wheels can move. With this micro scooter size, it is really match with the Mickey and Mini mouse that I had earlier. I am going to get the bigger Mickey and Mini to match my 1/64 scooter soon from Yujin's capsule machines.

If you see it carefully you will find a screws hole at the middle of the scooter seat (it is actually is a key chain for phone)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Legendary Batmobile

From the 1989 Warner Bros. blockbuster movie BATMAN comes the ultimate driving machine for combating crime - the legendary Batmobile! Capturing every detail of the Dark Knight's famous night-stalking cruiser,
this mean machine is built for both speed and taking a beating! The Batmobile's rugged design is only match by it's state-of-art technology, outfitted with everything from bullet-deflecting armor to jet-propulsion thrusters.
Ready to rumble on the rough streets of Gotham City, there is no doubt Batman drives the hottest wheels in town!

This a most detail 1/64 scale Batmobile, base on the real movie car. It come very detail front & back lights, rubber tire, removable sliding roof and a display case. The figure on this picture is from another set of Batman Begins set.

The next Batmobile review will be the Batmobile from the Batman & Robin .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Next Review is on my First Batmobile.

It is the most detail Batmobile at this 1/64 Scale. Made by 100% Hot Wheels. I brought this Batmobile back in 2003 at one of the XL shop in KL for RM 75.
Later I brought back two of the Batmobile from The Mall Of America at Nov of 2004. Both the car was with better detail then mine, because I personally select it over the few dozen set of it at the shop.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Majorette Trailer Set

Here is the last few Majorette Trailer set I can find lately. I am glad to find this Kayak trailer set in one of the supermarket in KL. The rear trailer is different from the other trailer. This Orange RENAULT Kangoo has no side door to be open like my other Kangoo.

Here is the Extractor Land Rover with a power generator. The truck rear door can be open and generator really detail.

This the Extractor Ford Transit van with a cabin trailer set. I like to see the container door can be open & the whole cabin is made by metal accept the door.

This trailer set really does not have much special on it accept the rear door of the van can be open. The trailer has nothing in it. I get this just for the sake of complete the trailer set that I had.

Have not been seeing any new trailer set after this one.