Monday, November 24, 2008


This set of collection is from a young friend of mine call Kevin Leong. He may be young but his passion for die-cast car collection was great. He found this set of cars from one of his Friend.

I am so glad that Kelvin show it to me all his latest Matchbox collection on last Saturday, and I can't help it by asking him to let me take some shot on the Classic Matchbox car. Later I find out the under print of the cars are different from the newer model Matchbox that I had. Other than it is made in England, it is also have "By Lesney" follow by it and then the year of the car / truck was made.

Lesney was founded in 1947 as an industrial die-casting company by Leslie Smith (March 6, 1918 - May 26, 2005) and Rodney Smith. The two men were not related by blood; they had been school friends and served together in the Royal Navy during World War II.

Lesney Products & Co. Ltd. was a British manufacturing company responsible for the conception, manufacture, and distribution of die-cast toys under the "Matchbox" name.

Today, as we know Matchbox brand is owned by Mattel, creators of Hot Wheels.

Matchbox - 1978 Mercedes Trailer with removables tents.

Matchbox - 1973, No. 63, Freeway Gas Tanker, removable truck head from first gas tanker.

Dodge truck with extra trailer and four buffalo.

Matchbox - 1976, No7 V W GOLF, come with two removable surf board. This set come with a Trailer Caravan made in 1970. (opss.. older then me already)

Matchbox - 1979, No 46 Ford Tractor, come with a hay trailer for vegetables (that is two real onion from my kitchen)
If you happen to have some Classic Matchbox would like to share do feel free to drop me some picture to my blog ya. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When I am in my young(late 70's), I wish to get some of the toy cars that come with a trailer. Because it have the extra accessory that can be remove and can be another set of toys by itself. This is car or truck set that I manage to get for my collection since 2002.

This is my first set that I found in 2003. This set is with Mercedes 300 TE wagon and a two Bicycle trailer. The bicycle is made with flexible plastic.

This second Majorette Trailer set, is Renault Megane II with the motor racing bike trailer.
I found it at a old toy store at Singapore. The motor bike was in two pieces, I believe it has been fall here and there before someone like me appreciated it.
(the picture was taken after I fix the motor bike back in one piece)

The latest Majorette trailer set is the Chevrolet Depanneuse with ATV and trailer. Found form an old toy store at Seremban. As I am writing this post, my brother call me up from Sarawak with video call and manage to get some new model from there too.

Here is some group photo with my current Majorette trailer set collection.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Others Initial-D Cars That I collected (non Tomica's)

Here is the other type or brand of Initial-D movie car (mostly Toyota Trueno AE-86). I know sometime we collector's do go for some type of car that we like and end up buying all type and all kind of the same car for collection and fun to look at. I like one of my friend like Nissan Skyline and he buy all the different of the same car loose and carded. Reason that he say is just love to have a lot of the car he likes.

The first AE-86 is made by Kyosho (1/24 scale). It is a plastic die cast body shell for a 2WD RC car under Mini-Z Kyosho. It come with two set of light, one is up just like the one on the picture and another close up.

This body kit come with bracket to hold LED for the front and back light which operate according to the car being control. When it was going forward, the front LED will light up and when you break, the rear light will light.
But for this Initial-D AE86 I did not put on any light yet. But on my other (normal) AE86 RC body kit I manage to put on 10 LED to simulate the real car lighting.

I brought at Toy Quest at Mid Valley 2002. Now Toy Quest has change it's name and move to Time Square.

The second AE-86 is made by Hot works (1/24 scale). It is a metal die cast body with a lot of accessories and to change with, ie racing bucket seat with belt, the white cup on the dashboard, sport rim, adjustable chamber and car height, and others.

This AE-86 is made by JADA Toys, die cast size 1/64 scale (on the bigger side) Picture speak for itself compare with Tomica AE-86.

This is the REAL-X is 1/72 scale first edition Initial-D car set. It is a plastic die cast car, small yet very detail. This set is an earlier release which does not come with top cover just the base. :(

This REAL-X Initial-D set is sell in a complete cover up small box, without any form of indication which car you will get.(Tikam style) In order to get them all you have to buy the hole box which have 8 boxes in it. You will have two repeated car in it. If you are lucky you will get an extra AE-86 black top like my friend did.
I did saw the second edition Initial-D car sets sold in one of the local hobby shop, but did not manage to get it before it was sold out and now I only hope that Toy City will bring it in some too.
I brought my set at the Action City, when they just open an outlet at 1U. (it is the last display

This Choro-Q vision was brought at LHS, just for collection. Hehehe...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Fast And The Furious Twin Box Set

This box set was brought in 2004 Nov at MN USA. This box set actually did not come with the two car. This box set come with this Green Mitsubishi car and another American Muscle car but the box picture is with the Dodge Charger. Not sure why, but is like that. I manage to find the Dodge at another local hobby shop.

This the side by side view of both the car, just like the end of the movie.

This Dodge Charger come with rubber tyre open hood and detail engine.

This the photo I taken with the real Dodge Charger at Universal Studio in 2004.

After I start collecting die-cast. It was my second trip to State.