Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Trip To Tawau

I took a trip back to Tawau, few days before this Chinese New Year. Tawau is a town, that I being inspire with toy car collecting hobby. It happen back in 1980, one of my first cousin who show me his toy car collection in his wooden case. He has a lot of cars includes of Hot Wheel, Majorette, Matchbox and Corgi too.
I did when to visit his parents house to check out, is there any left over cars around there. But according my cousin brother, his mum already give it away to someone decades ago.

Anyway here are some picture I took, while I was passing through the great Mt. Kinabalu at centre of Sabah. The black & white picture of Mt. Kinabalu was taken from my cousin old photo album house. I believe that it was taken about 50 years ago on Mt. Kinabalu.

Before the end of my Tawau trip. Uncle Wilson (my mums brother) gave me this sets of cars, which he had keeping it since 1980. It was the same year, which I was inspire by other cousin brother back then.

The set of car is mostly by Majorette(made in France) and a car by Corgi(made in Great Britain). I was soooo... happy when I saw this classic cars collection. All this cars with be repost in my blog later after I get back to KL. So please be patient ya.

Special Thanks to Uncle Wilson and family, for this cars.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day

This season of Chinese New Year has drop on the same day with the Valentine's Day.
It is great timing to finally got this Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet, two weeks before Valentine's day. I am glad to gave this Pink Beetle to my wife as her Valentine's gift.

This Johnny Lightning comes with a very nice sweet heart shape printed car cover, nice heart shape rear car plate, nice rim cap, white wall tires & seal with a kiss.

Ya, I also want to wish you Blessed Chinese New Year 2010.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Holy Grail" of all Hot Wheels

Some say collecting die cast is just collecting some toy car for your own fun (siok sendiri).
For me it is an investment, like shares or bonds.
Sometime back some one told me that the most expensive HW car is a VW bus with a surf board suck in behind.
Just found out one of the owner is Bruce Pascal. If you have an extra $150K USD laying around, you can own it.

To know some background on the pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb owned by Bruce Pascal.
The Pink VW Bus picture is from The Toy Peddler.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1/64 Scale Accessory Pack

At last my garage accessory set is here. I had been waiting for like over a year for this set. It is one of the very rare item, that made by a Die-Cast car maker. This set is made by Greenlight(GL), under the Muscle car garage accessory pack.
Greenlight was not very well know over Asia region. But it does make very detail cars. Like always, my wish is to see more of GL products in Malaysia.

This Accessory Pack come with six item. It is made by plastic and with detail paint job. It will look very cool if you place them near your 1/64 scale cars.
My next project is to look for figure to make it nicer.