Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TOY FAIR at 1 Utama (Old Wing)

Great News for all the Toy collector 1U is having a Toy Fair (SALE) start from yesterday for 2 or 3 week on a lot of toys including Tomica.

In Jusco Tomica Sale is up to 70% on Disney cars, before is RM23.90 now is RM7.17.
At 1U Sale is by TRU, Tomica at Rm6.90 the old price and sometimes you my find some wrong prices as well. (RM4.90 each) Qrono-Q at RM4.90.

Below is the picture of TRU at 1U centre court area.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Toy Story On Hot Wheels

Toy Story characters transform into Hot Wheels vehicles!
Wow, Disney PIXAR has did a very strong promo on this Toy Story 3 lately.
You even can find a 5 foot tall Woody & Buzz at a new Toy 'R' Us at Subang.
Now Hot Wheels is also interested on TS3 too.
Check out the new hot Toy Story 3 characters car by Hot Wheels.
It look so cute and cool too.
You will find it very identical on their colour and strips from the character to it's car. I personally find the original colour choice on the back of the card is nicer. But never the less I still like to have collect them all.
The Toy Story 3 car is selling at RM 16.90 each, Which I think it's still cheaper then the PIXAR movie CARS selling at RM 31.90 each.

Friday, May 14, 2010


This is another Audi R8 made by MBX. I think this black R8 will match up to Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes when hi suit up as War Machine.
This black R8 by MBX was not as detail as the silver R8. So I had did some personal touch up on the rear light.
If you look close this black R8 come with a unique car plate "NV ME" check it out at the picture below.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tony Stark Favourite Car.

I got Audi R8 when it release in 2008 by Matchbox. It took me a while to decide to have it up on the blog. Until I found its Ironman mini figures to stand side by side with Tony favourite Audi R8.


This picture was found in the movie Ironman 2. He also has his Ironman mark I, II, III for collection in his lap.
This mini Ironman figures is made by Hasbro.

Yup, I am now also into Super Hero Mini Figures. This set was found at Singapore TRU. I try to look for it in local TRU but no where can be seen. This the only set that you can have all of the Ironman mark I, II, III & VI in a single play set.

The Ironman 2 is using the latest R8 Spyder is practically custom-made for the superhero, a technological genius who needs to drive the car without his high-tech suit, but doesn’t want to miss out on innovative technology.
Will wait and see who will make this, HW or MBX?