Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Intial-D Limited Stage

This Tomy Limited was my best hunt in Hong Kong back in 2005.
I believe it was the first set that make it into Malaysia. I did get a few set back with me too. But all of them had been sell to some local hobby shop.
Now I only left two set, one set is complete and the other is incomplete set. The incomplete set was really my mistake, while buying it. I did not check carefully , which I short of the Toyota AE85. But the good news is I got two AE86. Hope you enjoy the picture & the usual detail of Tomy TL cars.


saruman said...

Wow! where'd you get it?

Yevonne said...

wwaatt!!! you even have the sileighty of mako-chan!!! truly rare Initial D diecast collectibles