Friday, March 13, 2009


Riding on the success of the first two Shell-Ferrari model car campaigns of 2007 & 2008, Shell is embarking on their third campaign this year, which aims to reinforce the Shell-Ferrari partnership to the Malaysian public. That is why Shell Malaysia are bringing in more cars this year, over 3.2 million of them.

The five Shell-Ferrari model cars available in the latest Shell-Ferrari collection are the 430 Scuderia, FXX Evoluzione, 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti and the 360 GTC.

The model cars in this collection can be purchased from today by fuelling up at any Shell station nationwide with a minimum RM40 spend on Shell V-Power Racing, Shell Super, Shell Regular or Shell Diesel. Those who fill up with Shell V-Power Racing can purchase the model cars at a special price of RM6.90 each, whilst filling up with Shell Super, Shell Regular or Shell Diesel will allow you to attain it at only RM8.90.
Customers can also attain two Shell-Ferrari model cars with the purchase of Shell Helix Lubricants at any Shell Station nationwide. The two model cars are the yellow Ferrari 599 GTB model car with dynamic engine sound, which is only available exclusively with the purchase of Shell lubricants, and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia model car with Touch Steering. You will be able to attain these model cars at a special price of RM6.90 if you purchase Shell Helix Ultra HX7 or HX7 Diesel (4L), and RM8.90 with the purchase of Shell Helix HX5 (3 or 4L).
The Touch Steering function in these latest model cars puts the power and performance in your hands with an added feeling of responsiveness, similar to when you’re fuelling up with Shell V-Power Racing.
I find this third series of Ferrari cars, is really target to those who appreciate the feel of directing the Ferrari cars from the starting line to the finish line. By programing the car before you put the car down. The program can be reset by switch off the car. (This car are not a toy)

This are the Ferrari that I had collected so far. I am looking forward to get my hand on the F1 car.
The New Packing has improve from the 2008 series. It is easier to remove the car out from the box.

The different between the second and third series Ferrari FXX is :-
- Rim colour
- The rear wing
- The side mirror
- White colour stripes
- Red colour of both the FXX
I will keep up date with the other Ferrari model soon. (once I have it all)

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