Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Micro Scooter For Mickey & Mini Mouse

Just got this at the one of the Yujin's capsule machines. The scooter is so tiny and detail as my 1/64 Tomica scooter. The only the wheels can move. With this micro scooter size, it is really match with the Mickey and Mini mouse that I had earlier. I am going to get the bigger Mickey and Mini to match my 1/64 scooter soon from Yujin's capsule machines.

If you see it carefully you will find a screws hole at the middle of the scooter seat (it is actually is a key chain for phone)


Janus Lu said...

What a cute little stuff there. This is a good present for any girls. :)

javieth said...

The mini cars are very comfortable for me specially when i need to park in a small place, they can go fast when there are traffic jump that is why I love the mini cars, they are really beautiful Actually i think to approach costa rica investment opportunities and a mini car there would help me a lot.

nick3055 said...

That’s your new ride boss. I must say that kids really want to buy a new micro scooter for their fun. I saw couple of kids riding their scooter on road which convince me to buy one for my kids.

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