Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Legendary Batmobile

From the 1989 Warner Bros. blockbuster movie BATMAN comes the ultimate driving machine for combating crime - the legendary Batmobile! Capturing every detail of the Dark Knight's famous night-stalking cruiser,
this mean machine is built for both speed and taking a beating! The Batmobile's rugged design is only match by it's state-of-art technology, outfitted with everything from bullet-deflecting armor to jet-propulsion thrusters.
Ready to rumble on the rough streets of Gotham City, there is no doubt Batman drives the hottest wheels in town!

This a most detail 1/64 scale Batmobile, base on the real movie car. It come very detail front & back lights, rubber tire, removable sliding roof and a display case. The figure on this picture is from another set of Batman Begins set.

The next Batmobile review will be the Batmobile from the Batman & Robin .


Janus Lu said...

Nice review, bro. This little Bat mobile looks cute. If you got a MG gundam pilot, maybe you can try to put it into the car, see it whether fix or not. :P

Botond said...

That's a nice car I tell you! I'm gonna have to get one for sure...
Here is my blog, it's in Hungarian, but the pictures tell everything ;)

Botond said...

Ooops, I forgot the link: