Monday, June 1, 2009

Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is a revolution in the non-mechanic cleaning of cavities on nearly all surfaces!
It cleans and kills germs due to its unique formula! Thanks to the perfect connection of viscosity and elasticity residues neither will be left on the surface nor the hands!

Also we care about our environment. That's why the Cyber Clean is also biodegradable!
It come in two different three colours - Fluorescence green, pink is for electronic devices and the blue one is for non electrical device cleaning purposes.
This Cyber Clean come with two sizes. 75 grams and 135 grams. You can find it at most computer Malls.

This is my first pack that I brought and here is two test I did.
I normally use a big paint brush on my toy display case and end up a lot of hair line scratch. But by using this new invention it help by save me a lot of time and mess, while cleaning the dust on my car and display case.

It looks like after wax effect on the car too.

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