Thursday, January 6, 2011

The ERTL Batmobile Collection series

Here are my ERTL Batmobile collection set that I have. It is made in 1989 by ERTL.
Most of the pack is still very well taken care of. All of this are 100% die-cast metal, accept the micro version pack. The heaviest car is the Penguin's Duck Vehicle and the Batmobile do come in different packing too.
Batmobile Specifications
Fuel Requirement: High octane 97% special
Engine Type: Jet Turbine
Thrust: 1500 lbs. at 103% ROS
Torque: 1750 lbs./ft. at 98.7% ROS
0 to 60 mph: 3.7 sec
Top Speed: Unknown
Brake Rating: Excellent
Wheelbase: 141.0 in.
Length: 260.7 in.
Width: 94.9 in.
Height: 51.2 in.
Wheels: Cast alloy, 15 x 6.5
Tires: High aspect L60-15
1/64 scale Batmobile
? scale, But same as HW 1/50 series
? scale
? scale
1/64 Scale Batmobile
This Batmobile is 1/43 scale

1/64 scale Batmobile.
Hope the picture do not over poison you.
Happy New Year 2011.


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