Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Batman Begins - Batmobile Thumbler

The Limited Edition 1/64 Thumbler Batmobile from Hot Wheels.
No car has ever been like the Batmobile, or been called upon to perform the incredible feats that Batman demands of his unique vehicle. Maneuvering Gotham City's streets in ways we've never before seen, or roaring from the Batcave, it is a concept car mixed with a fantasy made real in steel.

I got this set of Batmobile two years ago and almost forgotten to post them up on my blog. As you can see the picture are taken on my chair.
This replicas has very well paint job, real 1/64 scale and with movable cover.
(check out the picture)

This are the earlier Batmobile Thumbler which has the funny look when I first have it. The obvious thing is there front wheel.
Here are the side by side comparison of both HW Batmobile Thumbler

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mervin-diecast said...

you are really a batman collector...nice thumblers...