Thursday, December 23, 2010

My latest Batmoblie

I only manage to find a BatBlade and Thumbler. I really hope to get the Batman Forever and the Batman & Robin ver. of Batmobile soon.
Actually I was thinking to open up and take better picture. What do you think?

Here are the side by side compare of the difference of the two Thumbler.

This cute ver. of 1989 Batmobile is made of plastic, with a pull back go forward function and a magnet under the car. So that it can stick on a metal can and go round and round.
It is come with 10different model of Batmobile and Batboat and it is only made special for Japan market only.

This last item I would like to share is a 3D sticker. You can find it at the hyper market with a T, and try find it at the car & accessory department.


saruman said...

Out in Malaysia?

soho1414 said...

Where u get the thumbler?i m at malaysia.but never c thumbler lije movie.only cartoon like thumbler got.

Melvin said...

I got it few years back in the land of the Lion.