Monday, December 20, 2010

Disney TRON Legacy.

Finally I got my hands on the TRON die-cast model at Singapore.
It has total 7 model for to complete the this series of collection. The do have others bigger scale Tron Light Cycle and action figure on Tron, But I only got this small scale die cast model. If they ever come out any smaller series, I will sure get them all too.
I will try to open up all of this TRON collection soon for better review on it.
All this Disney products has no ME certify yet and not sure it will make it into Malaysia soon. But the movie has already on at cinema near you. I hope to watch it by this week.
Sam's and Clu Sentry's Light Cycle has better detail at the see through
engine section compare to the other two light cycles


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Melvin said...

Wa so fast U already give me comment. Thanks.

saruman said...

as fast as the Lightcycle! :D