Friday, August 20, 2010

My latest collection

Here are my latest collection.
This first car is a new brand in my collection list. This Shelby 427 SC is a after Race version.
From the close up picture below you can see how detail is this Shelby Collectible Cars made. The detail features are:
1, Opening doors
2, Opening hood
Detail area like
3, Head light
4, Dashboard
5, Engine
6, Rims
7, Rubber tyre
8, Car plate
9, Side mirror
10, wipers
11, Wood type steering wheel
12, Row bar
13, Very nice paint job too.

I can't wait to open it and take more picture of it. Well done SCC.

The Micro Verse Batmobile is my second set. My first set was very season condition. This second set was better and it looks like new display set too.

I finally got this 1960's Batmobile to complete my JL Batmobile series. (set of four)
This last piece is from ERTL Batmobile series. This packing was my last collection to complete the series from ERTL Batmobile series. It is all die cast and it is heavy.


saruman said...

u really have some cool Batman Collections.. I envy U! :)

Melvin said...

Thanks Saruman. I just like to collect some movie car only.