Monday, August 23, 2010

Micro Verse by Kenner

This my earlier Kenner Mirco Verse Batmobile set.
I got this MV set from one of the old toy store at Pudu Plaza back in 1998. By the time I got this set the top cover is already partially broken and turn into yellowish and have some cobweb in it too.
All this micro Batmobile come with a opening canopies or cock-pit and with Batman sitting in it and with rotatable wheels too. I decide to keep these cars on the display box. Because I find the display box is well design with it's angle to show the cool Batmobile.
This last picture is the latest MV set from USA.


saruman said...

arghhhh.. I so want them!!!!

Wil Vill said...

is this 1:64 scale? i'm looking for an animated version like that in this scale.