Friday, August 6, 2010

Favourite BUG - Herbie

My favourite Volkswagen Beetle Herbie is finally arrive. This Beetle is made by Johnny Lightning 5 cars set has most of the version of Herbie in the movie Herbie Fully Loaded.

This yellow 2004 Volkswagen Beetle is Herbie new girl friend.

This the Demolition version of Herbie.

This is the Chrome version of Herbie.

This is the Junkyard version of Herbie.

This is the Classic Herbie.


Jovet's Garage said...

Another Herbie fan here but I like the old original Herbie movies. Got that JL set too, a must have for Herbie fans! =)

saruman said...


faridah said...

Hi, I'm looking for Herbie's toy car for my son's birthday gift. We have been looking at almost all toys shops for couple of months now but still couldnt find it. Could you suggest where could we get it? Thanks.