Friday, July 2, 2010

Some new Tomica Long version die-cast

Got this two long Tomica's for almost two month now, from SG. I didn't see any of this cars sell over here.
It seem like the new Tomica line of cars may not be available in Malaysia for a while. Until the local distributor can get Tomica line of products to get the CE approve there products.
This Bucket Wheel Excavator - short form is BWC must be very big. It takes 350 to this Tomica size about 4" inch.
This Tomica BWC is made in Vietnam has 5 movable parts.
1, rotatable Bucket wheel.
2, elevated bucket wheel
3, swingable tail feeder
4, turnable head from the wheels,
5, movable belted wheels
Real fact of this (BWC) - Theoretical Capacity 3200m3/hr, Walking Speed 1.9-7.3m/min, Digging Parameters -0.6-14.0m/min. Bucket number/capacity 12 buckets @ 0.7m3 each

This picture is the real BWC . If you can see the vehicle operator control room is at the top of this BWC. I think it should be about 60 feet tall. (like you are driving a 5 story building around)

The following computer generated image show what does this big thing do in real life.

This another Tomica Long version series as a Locomotive type Bus Seishungo.
This bus is very heavy, due to the die-cast metal for the locomotive truck head & it's trailer use as a bus in some theme park in Japan and it is made in Vietnam.

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