Thursday, July 1, 2010

Micro Initial-D

I got this Micro Initial-D car set from a local key chain stall.
Seriously it is very detail for it's size. I have no idea what scale should I put is at. (may be is 1/192)
It is made by plastic material, none moveable parts on such a small car. It does come with a key chain holder which I remove it earlier.
I think it should have 4 model only, because I did see any other model available there at the stall. Hope you find it cute too.

How small actually is this micro AE86 is. This picture below does show how small is this micro cars is. Now this picture also make my 1/64 scale Tomica AE86 look big ya.
From the picture I guess it should be 3 times smaller the a 1/64 scale Tomica AE86. That is why I think it should be 1/192 scale.


MAHATHIR said...

nice collection..i have a micro initial d too..i think it different with yours..

janchar said...

pm me address