Friday, July 16, 2010

HW Batman Series 3 Set

I really hope to get this two other Batman series 3 set.
The 1966 The Penguin Batmobile. It is specially made follow the movie, as The Penguin had his hands on the Batmobile.
The difference with the normal 1966 Batmobile :
1, Orange umbrella car roof
2, Orange umbrella on bonnet
3, Penguin logo on the both side the door of Batmobile

The only left behind from the Batmobile series 3 is this Batboat from the Batman movie "Batman Return". It's come with a open cock pit cover.

Special thanks to Pat, for borrow this two Batmobile & Batboat to put up on my blog


saruman said...

it has come out here in Malaysia???

Hoh's Collectibles said...

I don't think so...