Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mickey & Mini Mouse

Finally I got my Mickey & Mini from the Yujin's capsule machine. It is a fun time hunt for such machine and get what I want. With the picture arrange from top to bottom, it look like a short Disney story. Hope you like it & enjoy it.

(try watch carefully on this picture, Mickey is about to touch Mini's hand)


benpaul said...

nice pictures bro! but those capsule toys are not cheap.. its RM4 per coin.. and you need 2coins to play. crazy.. haha..

javieth said...

The mini cars are very comfortable for me specially when i need to park in a small place, they can go fast when there are traffic jump that is why I love the mini cars, they are really beautiful Actually i think to approach costa rica investment opportunities and a mini car there would help me a lot.