Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trailer Set Has Slow Down

The Majorette trailer set has no new model lately. This is my latest set, which is the F1 Tow Truck set. The truck is a FORD Transit van converted to a tow truck. The tow thingy is just a simple clip on to the back of the Ford Transit trailer hook. The F1 front wheel can be hook up on the wheel holder.

This is two difference set of Dump Truck set. The first set is come with 4 recycle container, and the second set is come with two garbage container.

This I believe is the new type of trailer set the majorette trailer has to offer. It come with a small tuck head, because it must be a higher scale then 1:64. I am still like it, because I only need to pay for half of the price for the bigger trailer set in order to have this nice speed boat.

Over here is the Majorette construction vehicle call the Extractor. The first truck is the V shape tanker. The second truck is with the super long dump container and it is fully metal.

Some thing interesting that I notice on this truck head. It is the original die cast molding is actually made in France and it was move to China.


Janus Lu said...

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Melvin said...

Thanks Janus, I will.

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