Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Two Firebird

The Pontiac Firebird was built by the Pontiac division of General Motors between 1967 and 2002.
In 1976, Pontiac celebrated their 50th Anniversary, and a special edition of the Trans Am was released. Painted in black with gold accents, this was the first anniversary Trans Am package and the first production Black and Gold special edition. In 1977, Pontiac offered the T/A 6.6 Litre 400 (RPO W72) rated at 200 hp (150 kW), as opposed to the regular 6.6 Litre 400 (RPO L78) rated at 180 hp (130 kW).
This 1/64 scale, 1977, Pontiac Firebird is made by Johnny Lightning. It is silver in colour with Firebird logo printed on the hood, Rubber tire with printed words, open hood and a mini poster of the real car itself.

The fourth generation F-body continued the aerodynamic formula initiated by the previous generation but it fell victim to declining sales. As before, the Camaro kept the exposed headlights and the Firebird its pop-up units, with some minor changes. The overall styling of the Firebird more strongly reflected the "Banshee IV" concept car than the 1991 "face lift" received by the Third Generation model.

1999 marked the 30th Anniversary of the Trans Am since it's release in 1969, and Pontiac commemorated this event by creating another white Anniversary Edition Trans Am. This commemorative package came with twin blue stripes which more closely patterned the original paint scheme of the 1969 Trans Am. Along with the stripes, blue streamline graphics were added on the sides and blue anodized wheels were included with this package.
The final model year of the Firebird, 2002, offered a distinctive "
Collector's Edition" Trans Am, painted yellow. Like the Chevrolet Camaro, the Fourth Generation Firebird and Trans Am were built in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, and the plant closed down after producing the last F-body cars. This marked the 35th anniversary of the F-Body cars since their initial release.

This is my second 1/64 scale, 2002, Pontiac Firebird is made by Johnny Lightning. It is Yellow in colour still with a Firebird logo printed in front of the car(smaller), very nice wheels, open hood and a mini poster of the real car itself. It is a very detail as specially the rear lights.

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