Friday, February 20, 2009

Luxury Van

I been eyeing this luxury van for a while. Until lately I found it is selling at RM 30 in one of the mall at KL. (usual price is about RM 50 to 60 each)

This 1/64 Silver Nissan Elgrand made by Hot Works.
I like : the detail on their exterior of the van and the steerable front wheel, extra wheel set and a nice display box with red carpet.
The dislike : the wheels are not rubber tyre, none of the door can be open.

This 1/64 White Toyota Estima made by Hot Works.

I was very surprise when I open the cover of the display case and found the Toyota logo and all the words are not printed word but is super mini sticker. The Estima words are not fully stick properly. I try to fix it, but still not fully straight yet. (I still like it because is very detail)


zehobby said...

Nice haul....hehe i know which shop u went....last 2 weeks i was there....thinking to get or not.....finally i decide not to get as i cant find Honda Odyssey....OMG rubber tire??? hmmm....Anyway, thanks for your review bro =)

benpaul said...

bro!!! thats my favv vehicles!!!! do you know anyway i can buy them???!!!