Monday, February 2, 2009

My New Siku, Autoart and Tamiya Collection.

This Siku was found at the Nikko shop. Their are having a promotion on their stock. It is selling between RM 6 or 7 for different model of siku cars. (Normal price I think is at RM 13 each)
The Auto art car is also having sale at RM 10 to 15 on selected models. (normal price is RM 25)
The sale will go on while stock last, according to the salesman at Nikko shop. Happy shopping.

For this Iveco Van is more real and detail look compare to other Siku cars or vans. But it is very limited stock left.
This three wheeler big bike with a rider and rubber tire, it is very unique.

This also my first Autoart car. It is very well painted, very detail and come with a display case. Will go back for more cars soon.

Finally I first Tamiya 1/64 scale JGTC. It appear to me it is made by Funline Merchandise Co., Inc. and the Muscle Machines is the registered trademark of Funline Merchandise. That is why you will see Muscle Machines logo behind the box.
As usual MM cars are very detail, just as my others MM cars. For this Tamiya JGTC, it has detail paint job, detail interior & exterior, display case, roof antenna, rubber tire, sport rim, disc break that does not rotate when you spin the wheels and with door that can be open. I must say the feel of opening the door was like opening a real car door, compare with other die-case maker.
I am glad, I manage to get this three new brand of die-case under my collection

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Hi great cars and great blog....incidentally, where is Nikko shop??