Thursday, January 8, 2009

Replica Bicycle Collection

This PINK GT BMX is one of my earlier collection way before I started collecting 1/64 scale cars. (early 1990's) The price tag still on it. Somewhere in year 2000 I found the second mountain bike.
The bikes can steer, the paddles and the wheels can row too. The size is about 3", just the same size as our 1/64 scale cars.

Somewhere in year 2000 I found my second bike which is a Montana mountain bike. It is part die-cast part plastic. You can see the price has so much in difference even with the same brand. (City Cycles 1/20 scale)

Motor Max manufactures die cast and plastic replicas of various kinds of vehicles including cars, planes and motorcycles. Our car replicas are made in various scales ranging from 1:64 up to 1:12. Motor Max products are manufactured in their own factories in China and exported to worldwide. It does have a sale office at HK and USA.

The last bicycle is found at Thailand MBK mall, in a very old hobby shop. (2007)
This is the last piece of it's kind. This is the most detail 1/20 bicycle I ever seen.

This older generation bike in Japan. Never see any of this type of bike in Malaysia before. It seem like can change gear, come with a bicycle pump, a dynamo for to the lights and a set of front & back carrier too.
It come with a bike display stand, metal wheels, chain and crank, high detail on all the accessory on the bike and printed words n bike and tyres too.

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