Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Majorette Trailer Set

My latest collection on the MAJORETTE Trailer set.

This set is a JEEP and a trailer with container, with an open side door. The top body and the bottom of this JEEP is made of metal and it's has suspension too.(like the Tomica HumVee)

This truck come a horse trailer behind. The white horse can be remove from it trailer.

This a Toyota RAV4 with a go-cart trailer.

This set is also a Toyota RAV4 with a inflatable boat and a different trailer compare with the others.

This RENAULT Kangoo as a Fire Department car with a water tanker trailer.
The special about on this set is not on the trailer. But is on the Renault Kangoo metal side side door which can be slide open. (it is very difficult to slide it open for the first time)
On the top of the picture is the latest BUS set from Majorette. The bottom half of the bus is metal and the top half of the bus is made of plastic
This a bigger MAJORETTE trailer set it is double of it's price compare with the smaller trailer set. I get this set because it is my first die-cast truck that I like when I was very young.(7 years old) The Helicopter is already selling during 1979, when I first saw it at one of the toy store at KL. That means the 30 year old molding cast is still in use for production nowadays.


Youkonton Ratarasarn said...

Hi Melvin,
Thank you for visiting my blog and like it. I am a photographer who own a small studio at home. I am in Bangkok, Thailand. I visited you blog already. I really love your bicycle collection. You said you got one of those from Thailand. Do you come here often? I've been to Malaysia many time and got many die-cast from there also.

zehobby said...

Yo! today i juz grab the fire kangoo! Really nice one........ Hmm still thinking to buy the old toyota 4*4....weird i notice the new batch of majorette has better finishing then previous one.....

dano said...

I love the Kangoo ... cool!

dichato said...

excelente trabajo, bonitos modelos, felicitaciones desde chile.

priya said...

I have enjoyed reading your articles. It is well written. It looks like you spend a large amount of time and effort in writing the blog. I am appreciating your effort. .

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tapan said...

hey buddy ure collection's really nice. i m also a small time collector of diecast cars from india. i have a small collection of majorette as well. would like to see more of ure pics. may be if u r on facebook do let me know. thanx

Anonymous said...

These look nice but please tell me do they have metal bottoms or plastic.

Cause you see, I am a bit disappointed with Majorette. They do not make the toy cars they used to when I was a kid. And are more expensive than say Hot Wheels or Matchbox but do not offer the quality of Siku. When I was a kid they had a lot of moving parts and were solid metal. I still have some and my kid plays with them. When I was a boy Majorette really were the crem de la crem of toy cars.

I wrote an article about various die cast cars called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars and there I have an image of my old Majorette blue Corvette which was made in France. The amount of play that car has "endured" IS AMAZING! :D