Friday, January 2, 2009

Display Case

Good news for those who looking for display case for their die-cast cars.

Here is the other two types of collection box (Mini) for cars or other toy figure. Sell by the new store at The Curve, call Daiso from Japan. Most of the item is made in Japan.

This display case can put maximum up to four 1/64 scale die-cast cars. But prefer three or two cars for better space in between the cars and it can stack up one another

In this size, it come with two types of case. One is the Flat type and the other is Stair type. It is made in Japan and it is RM 5 each, about $ 1.50 USD.


Toycarsmy said...

A cheaper version will be the Shell James Bond collection case. RM5.5 each + the car.


zehobby said...

Wao your enzo display looks good!!! like special products set from Ferrari :D

Eugene T. said...

you did not mention where you can get it, and if it was imported overseas; how much was the shipping?

Frederick Foster said...

cool . realy nice display to expose your collection. I'm alway looking for display case like that.

Melvin said...

Thanks, Ze.

Yep TCM But this can put more cars.

Yes Eugene T. I did mention at my blog. Pls read carefully, ya.

Thanks, Fred. But courier such case may be risky. Because it may get damange.