Friday, November 6, 2009

A Special Gift From A Perfect Couple

This truck set is a made to remembrance of the two greatest logistic company EXEL & DHL, had joint their hands as one.
The packing of the gift come in a special box have a container looks. One side is blue represent EXEL and the other yellow half is DHL, with the" JUST MARRiED" word written on the door of the container box.

There is some small parts (side mirrors) that is inside the box too. It take me almost half an hour just to fix the two side mirror on to the truck.
- The truck is made in West Germany.
- Material is made by Plastic, but it is very detail. Transparent head & tail lamp for the truck head.
- Come with all rubber tyre including the spare tyre.
- Removable Truck head and to my surprise the V8 engine is also made under the driver cock pit. (see to believe it)
- Display case

This set is actually a gift set from DHL to their big time customer.

Here is the rest of the DHL trucks that I collected.

The trucks are waiting for the loading of the good at the DHL loading bay.

There is some truck is having their routine engine check before their long distant drive.

This a close up look on one of Schuco truck head.


Jovet's Garage said...

Wow, you have a fleet of DHL trucks there, congrats! =)

Melvin said...

Thanks Jovet.

Starscream said...

Impressive DHL Trucks!