Monday, November 9, 2009

My First Toy Car.

This is the car that started my Toy Car Collecting Hobby back in 2001 .
This car was use in the movie Back To The Future I, II, III & IV. The real car is specially modify from the car maker: De Lorean, model DMC-12.
It started by trying to get some souvenir at Universal Studio CA and I found this cool Back To The Future II (BTTF II) De Lorean DMC-12.
My first toy car collection is made by Johnny Lightning, 1/64 scale made in 1998 by Playing Mantis, Made in China. Only sell at Universal Studios and U-Drive.
Later down my collection. I found another BTTF(1) car made from Hot Wheels & BANDAI Japan at one of the local hobby shop.

This De Lorean BTTF II was not their when I went back in December 2005. Anyway this is how I looks like in May 2001. I really wish to the car door was unlock and quickly take a picture while seating inside my dream car.

This is the BTTF ride. It took me almost 45 min to enter this theater to enjoy the Time Machine motion picture ride on the De Lorean.


Botond said...

Simply perfect! I also own the upper version but I have not opened it ;) Really nice car, thanks for letting us see.

frightrice said...

Nice collection!

chrapo said...

It looks fantastic. I have the one from Johnny Lightning but it is bigger than 1/64. So I am thinking of buying the one from Hot Wheels on ebay. Could you please measure the length of the car for me? Thanks

Melvin said...

it shhould be about 6.5cm

chrapo said...

Yes that's the correct size :). Mine is 7.5cm.