Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Fast And The Furious Twin Box Set

This box set was brought in 2004 Nov at MN USA. This box set actually did not come with the two car. This box set come with this Green Mitsubishi car and another American Muscle car but the box picture is with the Dodge Charger. Not sure why, but is like that. I manage to find the Dodge at another local hobby shop.

This the side by side view of both the car, just like the end of the movie.

This Dodge Charger come with rubber tyre open hood and detail engine.

This the photo I taken with the real Dodge Charger at Universal Studio in 2004.

After I start collecting die-cast. It was my second trip to State.

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nabil said...

Excuse me melvin,just wanted to ask you are actually collecting the and keep it or collecting and selling it.Because if you are selling this miniature cars,i will like to come over to your shop because i myself collect miniature cars.