Friday, October 24, 2008

Tomica Initail-D Box Set 1 & 2

Here is my first set of Initial-D box set Vol. 1 & 4 and some picture of the car that I combine in this two set of cars. The vol.1 if I not mistaken, I brought for RM 80.
Brought it at this hobby shop at Indah Perade (Bulit Jalil) back in 2002. The shop owner is the one of the brother of nowadays XL shop at Time Square & Mid Valley. I found that shop because of 12" action figure that I'm collecting at that time. Brought some SDU set with him then. It is just before the animation movie is popular in Malaysia. Still remember I waiting the release of the movie in vcd format, each release is two chapter or a vcd and it take me almost 6 month to finish the first series. (AE86 win over the Red Sun FC)

Front view of the box.

Inside view after open it.

Back view of the box.

Front view of the Vol.4 box.

Inside view after open it.
Back view of the box.
This is my first display case I brought for the Die cast car.
The sticker on the white Evo spoiler is stick on up side down, just like the movie car. still remember I ask the shop owner "why like that one. Is it a defect?"

At that time the movie is still on the first few battle. So I not sure when is AE 86 going to race with the Sileighty, another AE 86 turbo and the Land Evo.


Toycarsmy said...

Wuah, too good to have those.. envy!!

ADVedder said...

me join the envy group!!

Fujiwara Takumi said...

Hey I have that too how much you get it for? I got mine for SGD$140