Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Muscle Machines SS Tuner & Import Tunes

This set of Muscle Machines cars was my favourite set of car. This MM cars is very detail in 1/64 scale range. The size of this 1/64 scale is between Tomica and Jada scale, so it is OK.

Brought it at : USA Target super market.
Price : $3 - $4 USD.
Date : June 2004

The detail of this brand of car is on it's

Body of the car - Racing stripes, printed front & back light, turbo intercooler for some model, different sport rims & disc break for different car with wide rubber tires, open & close hood with chrome detail engine.

Under the car - painted axle & exhaust from front engine to back of the car.

Interior of the car - racing seat & belt, rear speaker & NOS tank, Gear knob.

Sad to say this type cars didn't made it to Malaysia. If you find any of this MM car do let me know ya.


Toycarsmy said...

Deblyrie = Melvin?
Same photos are posted in LYN

Melvin said...

I have put it up here with better comment ma. Not sure what is Deblyrie?